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Five Fun Ways to Enjoy the Hunter's Moon this Weekend.

The Hunter’s Moon, also known as the blood moon and the sanguine moon will rise tonight. Here are some cool things to try.

Partake in a Ritual.

Perform a physical and spiritual purification. The Hunter’s Moon was given its name by the Algonquin tribe to mark the seasons. Prepare by cleaning your home thoroughly. Be sure to clear all cluttered surfaces and spaces. During the full moon, open all windows and allow the lunar light to enter. It’s typical to also burn sage to purge any bad energy lingering around. The full moon purification ritual is done to cleanse the physical and metaphysical areas of your life.

Meditate and Manifest.

The Law of Attraction theory suggests that people have the ability to manifest their own desires using the power of positivity, ( What better way to manifest your best destiny than under the full moonlight. Meditate. Focus on your goals and how you want your future to progress. Visualize a path to reach them. Beginners are encouraged to look into manifestation mantras for support.

Re-energize Your Crystals.

Stones like onyx, quartz, and amethyst have grown in popularity as more people practice alternative healing. Its uses vary and have been known to curb anxiety, increase fertility, and even attract a mate. These precious crystals are said to be powered by the sun and the moon. To maximize efficacy, place your favorite stones outdoors overnight. Beams from the moon will reenergize the crystals and restore its healing properties.

Moon Bathe.

Moon bathing was a part of early eastern medicine. Ayurvedic Medicine, which is an ancient Indian medical system, also known as Ayurveda, is based on ancient writings that rely on a “natural” and holistic approach to physical and mental health. Under this practice, “Moon bathing was used to regulate menstrual cycles, increase fertility, lower blood pressure, and reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety,” (

Honor Spooky Season.

A full moon is believed to emit spiritual energy. These are some creative and supernatural things to do (not to be taken literally,) during the long weekend.

  • Get a tarot card reading.

  • Host a séance. Breakout the old ouija board and scare the crap out of friends.

  • Throw a moon circle ceremony to harvest energy and keep it for yourself!

Be safe and have fun.

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