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Tethys Night Sky Publishing

(877) 320 1651


Brooklyn, New York - Tethys Night Sky Publishing is seeking writers for a new 2021 project titled, “Summertime Screams: A Collection of Short Stories.”

This project is meant to allow writers the opportunity to share their work and gain exposure. If selected, the author will sign a contract of agreement that no royalties will be awarded—only credit given.

The company will be accepting submissions under the following guidelines:

  • The stories MUST coincide with the science fiction, horror, supernatural, fantasy, and urban fantasy genre.

  • The story MUST be an ORIGINAL and UNPUBLISHED work.

  • The story MUST take place in the summertime (June, July, or August).

  • The story must be NO more than 10 pages.

  • These stories are intended for young adults at least 17 years of age, or older.

  • The story must NOT include rape, incest, or pedophilia.

When submitting, please provide your full name, your email address, telephone number, and a brief bio about yourself. Selected entries will have their name or pseudonym above their respective work.

Chosen submissions will be announced via title on our social media pages, please be sure to follow us.

Send submissions to the email address provided below by the deadline: Jan 29th 2021 Email:

The author with the best entry maybe be asked to cultivate their work into a novel.

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